Homewares Stores in Double Bay Bring High-End Goods from Around the World

Filling your home with eye-catching pieces that express your personality can be a daunting task. Driving from store to store to find the perfect piece can become draining as you quickly realise almost everything is mass produced in factories. You want to fill your home with unique pieces with character, not pieces that can be found in every other house in the neighbourhood. You could drive all over town visiting different boutiques. Or you could make one visit to Transvaal Avenue to shop among the best homewares stores in Double Bay.

Shop the World at Homewares Stores in Double Bay

Transvaal Avenue is a parade of charming shops, their white carved trim and red tiled roofs dotting the horizon. Each storefront is unique. Some set out wicker baskets with their favourite products or shrubbery boxes. Others are bordered with a white picket fence or a wrought iron fence.

The charming personality of each Double Bay Homewares shop in the street is maintained as you step inside the stores, many of them offering products from around the world.

For a Parisian chic style of home, you can visit two stores. Maison Et Jardin offers elegant furniture and homewares from France, Belgium, and Holland. A blending of these cultures can result in a gorgeous and stylish home. Maison Francais provides a unique blend of modern lifestyle trends mixed with a French decoration style in their selection of quality French products. Their interior design studio captures the extensive experience of the staff along with a broad array of suppliers to allow visitors to find the perfect pieces.

If the classic Italian style is what you seek, Busatti offers luxurious Italian designs and textiles of the highest quality. As an eighth-generation Italian artisan fabric house weaving linen and cotton in Tuscany since 1842, it offers pieces with a rich history and quality.

If you are looking to stock your home with pieces from around the world, LuMu Interiors is full of hand selected pieces from Asia, Africa, India, and Australia. One visit to this Double Bay homewares store and you can fill your home with pieces from several continents.

Find High-End Homewares in Double Bay

The Double Bay homewares shops all deal in luxurious products. The Vintage Luggage Company offers vintage, rare, and antique luggage from recognisable designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Goyard. Other stores offer luxury products as well, enticing the classier of shoppers to stop in and browse to find that perfect exclusive piece. Many of the pieces are one of a kind or specially designed, making it easier to find homewares in Double Bay that, once purchased, can be uniquely and exclusively yours.

After a full day of browsing homewares in Double Bay, you can rest your weary feet at the charming Indigo restaurant. If you shop on a Thursday, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a pastry from the Organic Food Markets.